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  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Our prices are as follows: Dog(s) for sale ad: €29,99 for a 30-day ad. Dog for stud ad: €29,99 for a 90-day ad. Bump your Ad: €5.99. Make your ad featured: €7.99. Bump and feature Ad: €12.99. This is the current prices for our packages but may change in the future due to the upkeep and cost of running this website!

  • Do You Offer Refunds?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds at this point in time. If it’s the case that your ad is not able to be published, then we will do our very best to help you to input all the correct info in the advert so as to help get it online and hopefully a successful sale.

  • Do You Accept PayPal?

    Yes! Our payment gateways are Stripe and Paypal

  • Why Do I Have To Provide You With My Mobile Number?

    Because it's one of our main security measures. We also insist that all members will receive SMS's to verify that they are a genuine person, and all members need to be verified and that includes buyers and sellers!

  • Why Do I Have To Provide Microchip Information?

    Put simply: Every dog that is advertised are required to comply with S.I. No. 681 of 2019 ANIMAL HEALTH AND WELFARE (SALE OR SUPPLY OF PET ANIMALS) REGULATIONS 2019. All puppies & dogs ads need to be posted with their microchip numbers. You can get more information here

  • What Sort Of Information Should I Put In My Advertisement?

    Make sure and fill out all the fields provided, having said that, a lot of them are optional, however the more fields you fill out helps to explain more about the dog/pup and your ad is more likely to get more views and more potential buyers. One other thing, you can also update your advertisement whenever you like. Note: Microchip information is now a Legal requirement since February 2020. One other thing is to make sure you upload some nice photo`s of your dog/puppy as this is a great way to create interest in your ad.

  • What Should I Not Put In My Advert?

    We strongly advise you to not include your exact home address or contact number within your advertisement. This is entirely for your own safety and privacy. Always try and have people contact you via our website as this is a more secure and safe way to correspond, as these are individuals that are verified by SMS.

  • Can I Add Photos To My Advert?

    Of course you can, and we encourage sellers to add photos to their listings as this is more attractive to potential buyers. You can add photo`s to your for sale and for stud ads and this has proven to get more interest. Note: if there are and tell tale signs in your photos that your dog/puppy is badly cared for, or in an unhealthy condition then may remove the ad and so suspend your account.

  • What If I Have More Questions, How Can I Go About Asking Them?

    The easiest way is to just fill out the contact form or email