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King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel is popular throughout the world and now ranks as one of the most demanded toy breeds. A carefully associated breed is the ‘King Charles Spaniel’. The most obvious distinction is a more compact facial shape, but it also has a clearly domed skull when compared to the Cavalier. The ‘Cavalier King Charles’ were reproduced to be a somewhat larger size and the face shape is the highlight distinguishing the different types today.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have a friendly character and enjoys human business of any age. They are wonderful with children and make a loving buddy for anybody at times when just wishing to sit and unwind. They are not really athletic compared to bigger spaniels but have a lively side to their nature, especially if they are presented to games and play from an early age. They will also take pleasure in a brief day-to-day walk as their workout routine.

Cavaliers have a life expectancy of 10-12 years however the breed also tends to put on weight as they can be prone and greedy to obesity. In turn this might predispose them to diabetes and heart issues to which they are prone, so it is very important not to let your Cavalier become obese as this might aggravate particularly later in life. Whilst training your Cavalier additionally you can utilize healthy options like pieces of carrot or apple instead of other food treats.

Routine grooming is required for Cavaliers to keep their streaming silky coats in good condition. A slicker brush and comb will eliminate any tangles through the coat. They tend to get matting or knots around and behind the ears, so this will need to be trimmed or snipped away. As Cavaliers have long ears it’s important to make sure their ears are kept clean from wetness and termites. During bathing them you need to hold their ear down or put cotton wool in each ear to avoid getting water in the ears. The ears can be cleaned up with medicated ear powder and stray hairs to be plucked far from the within ears. The eyes can be wiped with cotton wool that has actually been dampened with eye stain remover. This will also help remove stains around or under the eyes. The pointers of toe nails can be cut guaranteeing not to cut the quick.

Grooming your Cavalier King Charles spaniel needs to be done every 6-8 weeks. If required and toe nails must be examined and cut during the complete grooming session, the ears need to be examined weekly and cleaned up.

The colorings of a Cavalier King Charles are Chestnut Red and White known as ‘Blenheim’, understood to be the initial stress established at Blenheim Palace in the 1700’s. Other colors are Black and Tan, Red (referred to as Ruby) and likewise the Tri-Color – (Black, White and Tan).

They will usually grow to about 30.5 cms (12inches) height at the shoulder and average weight of 5.5 – 8kgs (12-18lbs) when totally grown.

The Cavalier King Charles makes a fantastic household animal or a loyal loving buddy to be by your side and is among the best breeds you might ever share your life with.

Photo by Courtney Mihaka on Unsplash